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What are Independent Activities in Acting?


What are Independent Activities in Acting?

Independent Activities are fantastic tools for Artists, Actors and other creatives to Expand their Concentrations and Motivations.

An Actor working on a film part of television series can expand their own Depth by focusing through a Doing of an Independent Activity.

An Independent Activity is an Independent Doing. A Doing is a Tangible Completed result. The Actor or Artist cuts all the pieces on a jig saw to the Bird House or Free Library Box they are building. This is a task or an Independent Activity of itself. Another step that is measurable and tangible is the Assembly of the Bird House or Free Library Box. Often the Last step after assembly an Acting Activity is Painting the Library Box or Bird House.

An Artist and Actor – does something else Unique

This is key to understanding Independent Activities and getting the most out of your own involvement.

The KEYS are in the Special Details – which also increase the Difficulty of the Completion!

You want to personalize and make unique your own involvement. Instead of just painting the last step of the Bird House, really sit and think about what colors you are using and why? This is the work that an Artist might also do for client matching the style of the Free Library Box to the style of the House Roof of the property.

The Last Steps – Emotional Preparation

The Last Step of Independent Activities for Acting Training – Emotional Preparation

Emotional Preparation is absolutely key in any artistic field, music field or Acting. Actor Preparation with Emotion is the key ingredient that adds and Emotional Range to the work and defines the audience interest.

Knowing that the Audience is interested in seeing a scene involving redemption is the motivating factor of why the audience watches. The Actors craft of Emotional Preparation gifts their creativity to emotionally put themselves into a range of emotion.

The range of Emotion is not a guaranteed result but rather a game of chance.

Actors practice working with Independent Activities in order to achieve the reality of being involved with that Emotional Color. This means that after the Actor self activates their regret (or any emotion) they can then apply themselves into a doing and see how they are responsive with that emotion activated within them.

Independent Activities in Scene Work

Acting activities are added as difficulties in scene work to both add interest the scene and involvement.

Being involved while doing a scene gives natural awareness and participation to the Actors. So rehearsing when also doing and Independent Activity is an ideal rehearsal situation.

Doing the full scene or pieces of it that you know off by heart, will help you expand the ability to live through and with the text. Function the reality of the scene work with full life and abundance.

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