Return + Shipping Terms

We are proud to offer Independent Activities
+ Acting Support Tools!

Check out the Cool Independent Acting Activities!
Also: – has Excellent Reading Glasses!
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If there are any issues – Let’s solve them! 🙂
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General Terms

If you receive an item that is broken upon Arrival please contact at with a few pictures within 14 days.

IF the item was damaged upon arrival, which is very slight chance of occurring do make contact with us :). We will ship another or return your money (less any shipping).

There is a Restocking Fee charged up to $15 per item on unbroken returned items.

Unbroken Items cannot be returned after 14 days after arrival. Returned Items are paid return shipping by customer and a determined restocking fee at our discretion (up to $15 per item) will be added.

917-963-6111 but please text first (Richmond, East coast time zone).

We will not offer refunds until after 30 days after purchase.

Please be patient with us and we will be patient with you.


Text First is Best or call:

Phone: 917-.963-.6111

Font Purchases

There are no refunds on fonts.

If there is a specific problem with a letter/ spacing in the fonts, please let us know, and if we agree with your assessment we will add or change specifications to meet your desires and send you an updated version.

If you suggest an improvement to the font we reserve the right to sell it and utilize the new version of the font. There are several font ideas that we are working to achieve results that reduce Dyslexia and make reading easier. It is just a matter of time before more fonts are being released that are in development.