How to

How to Use Independent Activities

There are many ways to utilize the Independent Activities concept. Many people task themselves with a burden of activities which turns their doing into a different type of forced work.

Another option is to use Motivation, both in life and in acting, to find really cool things that match your present intrigue and interests.

“You can empower your acting and your life by choosing independent activities that will expand your involvement. For Actors this will also mean a more completed involvement in the doing.”

Simon Blake,

…or :

“The Learning of Doing is an important step for the Actor. Learning to do with the step of Being, and adding Emotion is even more important. You can train yourself with incredible focus by achieving involvement within your acting.”

Simon Blake

When you work with Independent Activities in life or acting you want to choose from a selection like in this this store.

Have Fun Being involved in the doing of involvement.

One Last Note:

After your acting work, when all your emotions have been activated, take the time to do Independent Activities as a Release of Emotion. This could be an adult coloring book or craft, or building a Lego ship in a bottle.

Involving yourself in Independent Activities will enhance your control of your own mood, and offer options to expanding your humanity by self selection.

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